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  • What does 2-0 mean?
    A 2 year old seedling grown in the seed bed and never transplanted. A 2-2 is 2 years in seed bed + 2 years in transplant bed.
  • What does 4A and MP45 sizes mean?
    A 4A plug means it has a root ball is 1" x 4" which makes it easy and convinent to plant. White Pines roots grow faster and need to be put into a larger MP45 container size.
  • What if I can't pick up my trees on the pick up date?
    Just ask!! We do our best to work with you on special arrangements for a later pick-up.
  • What are hardiness zones?
    Hardiness zones are the suggested areas where plants can survive based on location.
  • How do I know if the trees am I am buying are in the right hardiness zone?
    WE specifically choose trees that are grown to survive in our suggested hardiness zones.
  • Can I plant Oak Trees even though there is oak wilt on my property?
    If your red oaks have oak wilt, plant white oaks. If you have eliminated oak wilt through management plant a combination of red and white oak.
  • How do I prepare a site for planting?
    Kill Grass and other ground vegetation. To do so, spray ground with glyphosate based herbicide the fall before planting. If you spray the grass with glyphosate in the spring, read label to determine how long to wait before planting trees. Spraying a 3 foot wide circle will give the tree an advantage. Grass can also be scalped with a string trimmer or a hoe. Carefully read herbicide labels.
  • What if I want to order larger quantities?
    Just call us and ask.
  • I have lost my Mushroom Log Instructions
    Click here to download another copy!!!
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