The Dickinson Conservation District normally hosts regular events to educate the public about forestry and other conservation issues.  Due to the current pandemic of Covid-19 our outreach events have been put on hold. Hopefully we will back to in person events soon! Until then please feel free to reach out to  our Dickinson District Forester, Joshua Isaac, at (906)774-1550 ext. 100 for any questions or concerns you may have. 

FAP Program

The Dickinson Conservation District offers assistance to both landowners and forestry professionals. Through the Michigan Forestry Assistance Program (FAP), the DCD employs a Forester to educate and assist those with Forestry related issues. 

Landowners should check out the 'Forest Landowner Assistance' and 'Site Prep & Competition Control' tabs under Services and Programs for more information on what we offer.

Resource Professionals should check out the 'Forest Resource Professional Assistance' tab under Services and Programs for more information on our referral process and how it works.

Contact the Amber Butterfield on the 'About' page or submit a comment with the contact form below. 



420 N Hooper St., Kingsford, MI 49802

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