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The Dickinson Conservation District normally hosts regular events to educate the public about forestry and other conservation issues.  Due to the current pandemic of Covid-19 our outreach events have been put on hold. Hopefully we will back to in person events soon! Until then please feel free to reach out to  our Dickinson District Forester, Joshua Isaac, at (906)774-1550 ext. 100 for any questions or concerns you may have. 


Photo Credit: Joshua Isaac

Photo Credit: Joshua Isaac

FAP Program

The Dickinson Conservation District offers assistance to both landowners and forestry professionals. Through the Michigan Forestry Assistance Program (FAP), the DCD employs a Forester to educate and assist those with Forestry related issues. This forester provides initial professional contact for landowners who are interested in actively managing their forested land. The FAP forester aims to promote forest stewardship through helping landowners better understand, plan, manage, protect, and utilize their forests, its resources, and its inhabitants through high ethical standards, and in the promotion of sustainability. This service fosters excellent connections and relationships between professionals, landowners, and their land, and is provided FREE OF CHARGE!


Dickinson & Menominee Counties FAP Forester: Joshua Isaac



I (Josh) graduated from Michigan Technological University in the Spring of 2020 with a Bachelor’s degree in Forestry and a strong emphasis in Wildlife Ecology & Management, (particularly Mammology and Ornithology), and Technical and Creative Writing. 


I previously worked as a Service Forester in Eastern Oklahoma, (after spending nearly 10 years in the U.P.), where I constructed and nourished relationships with landowners and their land. I wrote land management plans for activities such as plantation, windbreak, visual screen, and wildlife plantings, to prescribed burns. I also enjoyed partaking in a heavy amount of wildland firefighting. Prior to going back to school in 2013, I worked as a Sous Chef in a wide variety of places from the painted deserts of the southwest, to the historical Keweenaw Mountain Lodge in the alluring north-woods forest! I am originally from the Lower Peninsula (Western Michigan), and now reside in Iron Mountain.


My hobbies include hunting, hiking, fishing, foraging, birding, kayaking, wilderness survival, pyrography, nature photography, myco-art, and volunteering.

If you have any questions, or interested in managing your property, please call (906) 774-1550 ext. 100, or email at for a free site visit.


Our District Forester offers the following services:

· Free on-site property evaluation

· Presentations and Workshops

· Tree and Shrub planting recommendations

· Wildlife habitat enhancement recommendations

· Tree insect and disease identification

· Forest Stewardship program

· Commercial Forest Act

· Qualified Forest Program

· Quality Deer Management

· American Tree Farm Program

· Christmas Tree Management

Cost-share opportunities for Michigan landowners

Landowners should check out the 'Forestry Assistance Program' and 'Resources' tabs for more information on what we offer.

Resource Professionals should check out the 'Forestry Assistance Program' tab for more information on our referral process and how it works.

Contact Joshua Isaac on the 'About' page or submit a comment with the contact form below. 



420 N Hooper St., Kingsford, MI 49802


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