Private Lands Forestry Referral Service:

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Private Lands Forestry Referral Service:

Active Private Referrals
None at this time

Pending Private Referrals

Inactive Private Referrals

Referral 22-21-1
Date Posted: 11/30/2020
Deadline for Responses: 12/15/2020
Location: T47N R27W Section 27, Dickinson County
Acres: Approximately 40
Forest Type: Lowland mixed conifer, mixed hardwood.  
Project Type: Forest Management Plan for landowner to enroll in Qualified Forest Program (QFP).  NRCS habitat improvement, currently in progress, need to include these practices in the management plan.

Referral 22-21-2
Date Posted: 12/7/2020
Deadline for Responses: 12/21/2020 
Location: T40N R28W Section 36, Dickinson County
Acres: Approximately 60
Forest Type: Mixed hardwoods/ lowland conifer
Project Type: Forest Management Plan- does not have a specific desire to manage for any one thing. It is CFR land, so whatever is required. 


Contact District Forester

 Private landowners who contact the Dickinson Conservation District with forestry related questions or visit the website, will be given the option to receive a referral to a qualified resource professional for forestry services. The landowner will fill out a forestry referral form (number acres, forest type, what kind of forestry assistance they are interested in). This form is available in our office and to anyone who visits the website. The Landowner submits the request to the Conservation District. The District will then email the request directly to the consulting foresters who have expressed an interest in being on our referral list. We will also keep a listing of the referral requests on this tab.


Pending Private Sector Referrals

The FAP Forester will forward all responses to the landowner. The landowner makes the decision which resource professional to work with.



If you are a forest professional and would like to be included on our referral list, please complete the Forest Professional Info Sheet or send it to Dickinson Conservation District, 420 N Hooper Street, Kingsford, MI 49802.


Active Private Sector Referrals

Resource professionals will express their interest in a particular job to the Conservation District and/or FAP Forester.


Inactive Private Sector Referrals

Landowner has hired a Resource Professional and work is being completed. Follow-ups with each landowner will be done to make sure they have received the assistance they need.  

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